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Drinking water from Clay water bottle: Healthy trend

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

With every nook and corner having a store that can quench your thirst in a jiffy, packaged drinking water in plastic bottles has turned its way into our lives now more than ever and really do we need to mention their adverse effects on our health? Well, drinking water from our light weight clay water bottle could be a more eco friendly and economical alternative to these plastic and glass bottles. 

One of many interesting facts about drinking water from a clay water bottle is that it maintains a level of testosterone in your body unlike plastic, which in turn reduces the amount of testosterone in our body. Clay keeps water naturally cool which further also helps in increasing the body metabolism.  Interestingly, when alkaline nature of clay in nature comes in contact with the acidity of water, it provides the proper pH balance which helps in curbing acidity and provides relief from gastronomic pains.  And we all know how  clay is a rich source of minerals and electromagnetic energy so when the water is stored in it, it charges the water with the healing powers. So why can’t we be little generous to our environment since clay bottles are better preference than a plastic bottle or water bottle because they are environmental-friendly and  are more economical. 

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