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Our commitment to the environment: Go green, Sustainable shopping

Children are the least responsible for climate change, yet they will bear the ultimate burden of its impact. Climate change, ecosystem destruction, toxic contamination of the land, air pollution and water pollution are all kinds of environmental degradation that we need to correctly focus on and act to reduce. Each one of them is important. The link between climate change, economical scarcity and poverty is quite straightforward. Not only to animals, world’s poor countries and people are also susceptible to natural disasters given the fact that in many cases their livelihoods are directly dependent on natural resources. Depletion of natural source is not only promoting more poverty but also diminishing their survival rate. Moving towards a green economy can improve the living conditions of the poor in the long run. By safeguarding livelihoods and promoting sustainable jobs, the green economy can eradicate poverty and reduce vulnerability across a range of green-tech and clean-tech sectors. The active use of green technology can help significantly reduce pollution facilitate transitions to more sustainable economies. That is why we at Greendorse are trying our best to make use of only this type of technology to help them protect the environment from aggressive impacts. Our green tech projects in sustainable agriculture, replacing conventional plastic with more eco-friendly and biodegradable bio-plastic, commercial gardening and energy conversation help to stimulate rural economies, create jobs and help maintain critical ecosystem services and strengthen the climate resilience of the rural poor.

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